Electric cast steel gate valve

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Electric cast steel gate valve The electric gate valve is equipped with a multi rotary electric actuator by the gate valve body, which makes the valve plate move up and down in a straight line, and realizes the remote control of the valve position switch, which is convenient and fast. The electric energy is used as the power to connect the electric actuator to drive the valve, so as to realize the switching and regulating action of the valve. So as to achieve the purpose of switching or adjusting the pipeline medium. It is widely used in water conservancy, construction, fire protection, electric power, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and other fields. Applicable media: water, oil, steam, acid, alkali, ammonia, urea, sulfur-containing natural gas, etc. Main purpose: the gate valve connected with high and medium pressure flange is suitable for cutting off or connecting the pipeline medium on the pipelines of various systems of petroleum, chemical, hydraulic and thermal power plants with nominal pressure of pn1.6 ~ 16.0mpa and working temperature of ≤ -29 ℃ ~ 550 ℃.

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