Campground Lantern

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The best materials and the highest craftmanship have been adopted by our factory in China to build this light.This Carelite Retro Outdoor Rechargeable LED Tent Campground Lantern is a super bright long battery life retro portable led outdoor waterproof emergency light rechargeable camping lantern. 

This tent light is a rechargeable, retro-style portable outdoor led camping lamp with a unique nostalgic design, built-in a 4000mah lithium battery pack, it can last 2.5-216 hours after a full charge, the brightness of the light can be adjusted freely, and it is equipped with type-c the fastest charging cable and the battery power indicators are clear at a glance, the large bail handle makes it easy to carry anywhere. It is our bright ambassador for camping and recreational activities.

With IPX5 protection level, this hanging Lantern is well protected against splashing water from all angles, reliable and durable in any weather, built to last!

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