Rapid Roll Door

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Yueruis was born the very second when we witnessed hardships faced by companies struggling to get their warehouseloading bayupgraded and automated. Customers were unable to find a reliable supplier, who can entirely understand their distinctive requirements and delivers a solution that perfectly fits their needs. 

1.Features of Yueruis® Rapid Roll Door:

1. High speed opening and closing

2. High frequency operation

3. High-level automation

4. Excellent safety performance 

5. Effective insulation

6. Complying with Food-grade and GMP norm

7. Multiple safety protection

8. Convenient daily operation

2.What is the charactor of automatic high speed pvc door?

1)Easy cleaning for their stainless steel frame.

2)Less air consumption with double door frame. The inner frame is close to the  door curtain and the rubber bottom has the best sealing charactar.

3)Less bacteria growth for the best sealing solution without brush in the frame.

4)More durable due to the unique stainless frame material especially for pharmacy , food industry.

5)More softer inner frame ensures less-wear.

6)Controlling box with the screen-display.

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