Napped Middle Layer Material

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Water based paint is a paint that uses water as a thinner and does not contain organic solvents, benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI and toxic heavy metals.

The water based paint has no waste residue, waste gas, waste water discharge during the production process, no environmental pollution problems, non-toxic, odorless, and benzene-free during use, and its heavy metal content is much lower than the national environmental protection limit standard. It is a new generation of green products that protect the ecological environment.

1.Product Introduction

The napped middle layer material has a certain anti-pollution ability, good stain resistance, can overcome the traditional coating easy pollution and low life defects.

2.Product Feature And Application

The napped middle layer material has strong three-dimensional effect and outstanding decorative effect. It is suitable for wall decoration of TV background, restaurant background, and sofa background.

3.Product Details

The napped middle layer material does not fade, does not peel, and does not crack. It has product characteristics such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, and scrub resistance. It can be used for wall decoration in entertainment venues and hotels.

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