Cable Waterproof Connector

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Ningbo ACIT Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of waterproof cable connectors, with more than 20 years of production and sales experience in the electronic connector industry. We have several production lines for mass production, and a research and development department to customize products according to customer needs. Cable Waterproof connector according to the Ministry of Electronic Industry standard SJ1744-81 .

The price of Ningbo ACIT Cable Waterproof connector is reasonable and the quality is guaranteed .The products manufactured according to Electronic Industrial Department standard SJ1744-81. advanced product structure, easy to operate. The pin and jack leads adopt the form of welding. We have the goods in stock can ship it directly.

Product Feature And Application

Cable Waterproof connector is quick plug-in plug,and small in size, light in weight, fast connected with bayonet, simple and easy to use, pin and jack lead are welded.According to the user's needs, the plug and socket can be loaded with pins or holes.

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