95310-56K00-000 Changan Suzuki Tianyu Condenser

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The car condenser 95310-56K00-000 Changan Suzuki Tianyu Condenser manufactured by Guangzhou Hanbo® achieves the best cost performance under the premise of ensuring the stable quality of the product itself.

The most important function of the automobile air conditioner condenser 95310-56K00-000 Changan Suzuki Tianyu Condenser is to complete the heat exchange of the automobile refrigeration system. The car condenser is a heat dissipation device in the car air conditioner, which dissipates the heat generated by the refrigerant during the compression process of the compressor into the space outside the car, and turns the high-temperature and high-pressure gas from the compressor into a medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid.

Our car air conditioner condenser, 95310-56K00-000 Changan Suzuki Tianyu Condenser, core size: 613mm*338mm, core thickness 16mm. The wave distance is 8mm. Choose aluminum with composite layer, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, automatic assembly core machine assembly. Strictly adopt nitrogen pressure maintenance test, the test pressure value is 32KG. And the second inspection will be carried out 72 hours after the first inspection, and the warehouse will be released after reaching the standard. Brackets, accessories, and joints are all drawn, designed, and produced according to the original factory one-to-one.

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