How to remove rivets?

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The removal method of blind rivets is as follows:

In the case of an electric drill, use a hand-held electric drill with a 4mm drill bit to directly drill through the blind rivet and mill it off. Use a hand-held "angle grinder" to directly grind off one end of the blind rivet, and then use a steel nail of similar thickness to fill the rest.

In the absence of an electric drill, to remove the blind rivet, use diagonal pliers to cut off the tail of the blind rivet, and then use a steel nail with the same diameter as the rivet core to punch off the remaining part, but it needs to be punched from the front of the rivet, and then Then punch out the cut rivet from the reverse side.

The earliest rivets were small pegs of wood or bone, and the earliest metal variants may have been the ancestors of the rivets we know. They are without a doubt the oldest method of metal joining known to man.

It can be traced back as far as the initial use of malleable metals. For example, in the Bronze Age, the Egyptians used rivets to fasten the six wooden sectors of the outer line of the slotted wheel. After the Greeks successfully cast large statues in bronze, The parts are riveted together with rivets.


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