How do plant fill lights grow in vegetable greenhouses?

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Vegetable greenhouse is one of the types of greenhouse cultivation. As the name suggests, it is mainly used to grow vegetables and artificially create a suitable ecological environment. According to market demand, different vegetables are supplied regardless of seasons, and it breaks through the traditional concept of relying on the sky for food. Human beings have the initiative to control their own diet.

The vigorous development of vegetable greenhouses meets the needs of the market and people in a standardized way. However, not all greenhouse vegetables can increase production and increase, and losses due to poor management and management abound.

With the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for materials and quality have significantly improved. But with the increasingly serious environmental pollution and the rising population, we have to calm down and think:

Influencing factors of vegetable greenhouses:

(1) Vegetables are also plants, so plants need photosynthesis. Different varieties of vegetables have different requirements for light, and vegetables have different requirements for light in different growth stages. There is no sufficient lighting environment, the plant lights do not have a reasonable light ratio, and the combination of sunlight and artificial plant lights is not well combined, which is one of the main reasons why the yield and quality of greenhouse vegetables cannot be improved.

(2) Greenhouse vegetable varieties and unreasonable planting structure are also an important factor causing losses. Different vegetable varieties have different market demands. Some varieties lack competitiveness and have no market potential; more importantly, different vegetables have light requirements. They are also different, and it is inevitable that these factors will cause losses if they are not well grasped.

(3) The air circulation obstacle in the shed is another factor that causes losses. If the air is not circulated, the temperature in the shed will be unsuitable, the concentration of harmful gases will be too high, and the concentration of carbon dioxide will be too high. Not only will vegetables not grow normally, but it will inhibit plant growth. or cause the plant to wither and die.

Vegetable Greenhouse Solution

(1) Whether the lighting environment is reasonable is one of the important reasons that affect the harvest of vegetables in greenhouses. Under the illumination of LED plant lights, photosynthesis will be carried out, carbon dioxide will be absorbed, oxygen will be exhaled, and organic matter will be accumulated; in the absence of light, respiration will occur. Absorb oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide, consume organic matter. When the balance of the two is equal, the light compensation point of the plant is reached, and the plant cannot accumulate organic matter to grow smoothly at this time. When the light compensation point is not reached, the consumption of organic matter in the plant is greater than the formation of organic matter, and the plant cannot grow normally, and appears sick, withered, or even dead. Plants are thick beyond the light compensation point, and the plants grow normally. In the absence of sunlight or insufficient sunlight, LED plant lights can be used to supplement the light to ensure sufficient light environment, combined with carbon dioxide concentration, water, temperature, humidity, etc. to allow plants to perform normal photosynthesis to help them grow.

(2) Select plant species according to market demand. Selecting the right plant species is the first step in opening up the market. Reasonable use of different types of LED plant lights to supplement light, and the timing of my listing is an important part of occupying the market.

(3) One thing to pay special attention to is that the air circulation problem in the shed, especially the use of traditional plant lights in order to save costs, will produce some harmful gases, which will have a bad impact on the human body. When some traditional plant lamps are irradiated, high temperature will be generated. If the temperature in the shed is too high, it will cause water loss of vegetables, which is not conducive to growth; It will adversely affect the growth of vegetables.

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